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Kompletely K9... One to one Dog Training, Behavioural Assessments & Day care service.

Meeting the Needs of Both Pet Dogs and 

Their Owners

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What My Clients Are Saying About Me

When it comes to quality canine training and care, Kompletely K9 dog Training & Day Care service is the company to call. I take pride in providing dog owners and their pets with personalized care services that meet their needs. Read what some of my clients have to say about my work:

“What do you do when you find yourself the not-so-proud owner of an American Bulldog who thinks he rules the world?How do you stop him leaping for joy right up into the faces of the visitors that he loves?

Is there any way to minimise his aggressive posturing around people he doesn’t know? Might it be possible to stop his embarrassing habit of prancing about with his bed in his mouth when people come round?Will he ever walk on the lead without dislocating your shoulder?Is it alright if he sleeps in your room, on his own futon, but jumps onto the bed the moment the alarm goes off…?

Boomer is a pedigree American Bulldog, raised by a breeder in the Welsh mountains. He comes from good stock. He is as nutty as a fruitcake and he was the biggest most boisterous of the litter. That’ll be the puppy you would have to be mad to choose… it says that in books and on the internet…but it was love at first sight.

There was history and reasons why we voluntarily bought such an inappropriate breed as a suburban pet but they’re way too dull to go into. One thing we didn’t need was the capacity to bring down a bull but that’s what we got along with the most loving and entertaining family dog.

We knew we needed help. With so many issues and so much overpowering, undesirable behaviour it was all getting a bit out of hand. We took our responsibilities as dog owners seriously. We wanted a dog that was fun but moderately well trained. Chris Harvey’s business card was a Godsend.

From the moment Chris came to meet us all Boomer had an instant respect and liking for him. Chris is one of those exceptional individuals who communicate on a higher level with dogs. At their first encounter Boomer realised that he wasn’t the ruler of the world. On that same day Chris taught us how to deal with Boomer’s unacceptable behaviour at the front door.

Chris Harvey is a patient, understanding, yet determined realist. He gives you the tools to control your dog – he knows you will not always be consistent in using them. He gives you confidence and bolsters your belief in yourself. You can tell the dog when to stop and if you mean it he will stop. He discourages the natural urge to shout (“Dogs aren’t deaf.”) and works with tone and attitude.

Embarrassing habits were discouraged by breaking the behaviour and replacing it with something else. Sit. Get stroked and fussed. Don’t get stuck under the table with your bedding. That’s what Boomer learnt whilst I learnt that praising good behaviour and using learned obedience to breaks the cycle. Boomer really does want to sit and be praised for it much more than he wants to drag his bed under the table.

Walking on the lead with a “halti” and practicing doing it made street walks possible. The futon and the alarm… Chris rolls his eyes and accepts that some things are not going to change.

I could not recommend Chris’ skills with dogs and their owners too highly. His years of experience are not cheap but they are most certainly good value. With Boomer, the fifty kilos of crazy American Bull Dog it makes sense to have the support of a proper professional who is dedicated to achieving improvement and who absolutely knows what he is doing.”

- Claire and Boomer (American Bulldog), Sutton Coldfield

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