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Kompletely K9 Dog Training and day care

Quality Training and Compassionate 

Care for Your Dog

07710 600483

 Fully Insured 1-2-1 Training, Socialization sessions and Day Care Service

Are you looking for reliable dog day care where your dog is entertained in a stimulating environment? Does your pooch have serious behaviour problems or is he just lacking manners? Kompletely K9 is here to provide you with fully insured professional training and day care service.

My name is Chris Harvey and I provide one-to-one training sessions tailored to you and your dog. This follows an initial  consultation where I gather a detailed history and any other information regarding your pet and any problem behaviours that are causing concern. My consultation may include a practical assessment where necessary and normally takes 2 to 3 hours.

To maximise the gains from dog training it MUST be viewed as fun for your dog. Pleasurable training sessions coupled with valued rewards help trigger a brain chemical known as Dopamine which helps make your dog feel good, stay motivated and helps learning. Your Dog will be much more likely to repeat the behaviour(s) you want him to learn and maintain if he feels good about himself and everything around him. To establish good behaviour I may use clicker training techniques and  will take the time to explain the science behind it’s use. I will also provide you with an understanding of how dogs learn and the  use of operant conditioning techniques. My training methods are always positive and reward based and I never use punitive training methods which can cause untold damage for your dog.

Kompletely K9 also provides a fully supervised Day Care service along with  Group Socialisation sessions. These 4 to 5 hour sessions can be particularly beneficial for dogs that have missed out on the opportunity to socialise during their early development and consequently may display fear, reactivity and anxiety around other canines. Please contact me to check availability. I also provide Scent work training for fun where suitable dogs have the opportunity to learn how to search for a particular scent to gain a reward. 

Why Choose Me ?

I like to bring a positive change for those dogs that find being around other dogs stressful. Since canines are social pack creatures, they should enjoy being in the company of each other and their lives should benefit because of it.  It saddens me when dogs seem unable to enjoy socialising in this way so I love to see the changes that can take place when dogs are given the time to learn how to relax amongst their own kind.

I will not push reactive or anxious dogs into situations that only serve to increase the level of fear and anxiety they may already be feeling when meeting other dogs. I ask owners to allow me to afford their pets time and space so that they can grow in confidence at their own pace and come to enjoy the company of the group through my supervised sessions.

My group socialisation outings are fully supervised by me alone as are those dogs that come to me for day care. With more than 80 acres of beautiful woodland right outside my back gate and various countryside locations around the local area, your dog will never be short of stimulating mental and physical exercise.

I am a firm believer in providing dogs with both physical and mental stimulation. Physical and mental exercise can be crucial in reducing (and in some cases, eradicating) unwanted behaviours. Stress and anxiety can build in your dog as a result of inactivity and lack of exposure to the outside world. This can manifest in many ways including aggressive behaviours, self-mutilation and damage being caused to your home. I like dogs to practice scent games as this is a fantastic way of draining mental energy and sniffing acts as a calming behaviour.

Dogs will find ways to amuse themselves, and they don't attach value to your brand new sofa or understand that it is not their new chew toy. My Dog Adventures are based around fun, physical activity and exploring the environment in open countryside  and woodland  around the local area. This means that at times they will be transported in my air conditioned van in purpose built cages (with water, towels and comfy beds included)!

Providing this essential need for your dogs means you should be able to enjoy your new sofa for many years to come !!!

Additional Services

PUPPY DEVELOPMENT...Apart from training and day care, I also provide puppy development and socialisation programmes. I carry out home visits if required. The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life are critical in helping them grow into sociable, well-adjusted dogs. With gentle training and exposure to the outside world, your puppy should grow up to be a credit to the breed and be a pleasure to own.

PET TAXI SERVICE...Are you relocating or moving within the UK and worried about transporting your dog(s) to your new home? I offer a fully insured, safe, and reliable pet transport service. Your dog will travel in an air-conditioned vehicle with comfort breaks provided en-route before being reunited with you at your new destination.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. You can also get in touch with me if you have concerns relating to your dog’s diet or to learn about recent changes in dog law in England and Wales!


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