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Training Dogs in Various Disciplines

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Specialist Dog Training

Kompletely K9 is happy to provide specialist training advice in a variety of disciplines. One recent example being the training of a dog team who were to be part of the South Wales Search and Rescue Dogs Association. The dog was required to work without being distracted by sheep that were present in the search area.

Thanks to having suitable land with Sheep loaned by a local farmer appropriate training was carried out, resulting in the team successfully completing the test to become operational. I look forward to helping the team progress toward their next assessment stage.

Dog obedience training is an investment to make sure that your canine is a safe and enjoyable member in your household. Through good manners training, I can help you raise a well-behaved, socially-adjusted pet. With good, general behaviours instilled in your dog, you won’t have to worry about your canine being aggressive towards other people or animals.

If you wish to have your dog trained in a specific discipline, please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

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